We’re Going Vegetarian

While the pandemic has certainly been center stage for some time in the media, with our policymakers, and around the dinner table Real Food Grocer has taken some time to do some serious business soul searching.

It is well known that the farming, processing, packaging, and transportation of meat, contributes to some serious environmental issues.  At Real Food Grocer, we have always promoted an inclusive product range, wanting to provide an affordable, ethical, and sustainable option for our customers regardless of their foodie preferences. 

Truth be told we have never been 100% satisfied with the meat delivery portion of our company, more to the point, we have never been able to do it as ethically and sustainably as we would have loved. 

We do not wish to take anything away from our current hard-working meat supplier, we are, however, acknowledging that we are no longer able to balance our desire to provide an ethical and sustainable product with an affordable price to our customers. Rather than provide a product below those standards and the standards of our customers we have made the decision to end our supply of meat.

If you usually receive meat in your delivery, this will no longer be possible from the 1st of January.  If meat is a part of a mixed box purchase (such as the All Your Groceries box) this box will no longer be available from the 1st of January.  We will be doing our best to contact customers who may be impacted by this however we do encourage customers to head to our website and select an alternative box. 

The environmental impact previously mentioned is something Real Food Grocer has always been concerned with and our move to withdraw meat products from our service means that we will no longer be contributing to this issue by providing a service that is less than sustainable than we would love, we do not wish to ignore or neglect that there are many meat-eaters among us, including our wonderful customers, some of which have gone to great efforts to reduce their meat intake and make ethical consumer choices, such as receiving deliveries from Real Food Grocer as active participation in the reduction of negative environmental impacts.  It is for this reason that we hand the reigns over to businesses and producers of meat products who are just as passionate about providing a sustainable option as we are.

Fortunately for our customers, this means freeing up Real Food Grocer’s resources, stimulating a renewed energy we will be directing toward making improvements to our current services to even further reflect our customer’s values and needs.  We will also be able to expand our vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based ranges making it even easier to shop with us.  2022 is set to be a great year.  Keep posted on our social media (Instagram and Facebook) and make sure you are signed up to our newsletter as we reignite your passion for food and sustainability.

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