The RFG Covid-19 Plan (& Promise…)

Keeping You All Safe is Our Number 1 Priority

Safety is more than wearing masks and contactless delivery.
While there is no evidence that COVID is food-borne its a great reminder that our food is the gateway to our health. So our hygiene and food safety standards are tighter and more stringent than ever before.

What about our staff?

Our staff are protected by social distancing, sanitising and personal hygiene. We check temperatures regularly and require anyone with symptoms to get tested before returning to work. Our rosters keep teams as protected as possible and we track who comes and goes from the warehouse. All of this is formalised in the covid safe plan we have lodged with the state government.

We’ll Never Leave You Hanging…

During the first weeks of Victorian Covid lock down 2020 the bigger retailers stopped home delivery. Real Food Grocer continued to serve it’s existing customers as well as a sudden influx of new (and somewhat panicked) customers. We promise we will never leave you hanging. As a purveyor of groceries we are protected as an essential service – and so no matter the lockdown news, RFG will be here to support & feed your family.

We’re Prepared for the panic-buying

It’s a human reaction – to secure what you need for the uncertain times ahead and sometimes this results in a state-wide shortage of loo-paper! What does RFG do?
1. We limit the quantites you can buy per delivery when there is a rush on an item
2. We track down enough stock fo these goodies so we know we have everyones orders covered for the long haul
3. We deliver every week so you only need to get hold of a weeks worth of whatever at a time.
4. IF something becomes difficult to source – we help you find alternatives… (for eg. when rolled oats were not available from various wholesale sources we got quick oats & steel cut oats in – meaning you could still have your porridge)

Our Commitment to Re-Using Packaging is a Strong As Ever

Covid is not an excuse to stop solving the problems of waste and climate change. We have added a short quarantine period before returned packaging can be reused. We’ve increased the temperature water we use to sanitise our reusable glass jars. Simple solutions to reduce the risk of contagions being passed between our customers and the warehouse and then outward again.

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