The benefits of eating seasonally

Seasonal eating is nothing new. Before the big supermarkets plonked themselves on the high-street, we were all growing our own fruit and veg. Now we’re spoilt for choice with produce on the shelves all year round. When you’re doing a weekly shop in winter and you reach for the asparagus, it’s probably taken a trip from Mexico to get to the supermarket. Those kiwis a few aisles over? They arrived on a one-way ticket from Italy.

Although it seems ideal to have access to all the fruit and veg that our heart desires, there are many benefits to switching to eating seasonally. In this month’s blog, we talk you through just some of the pros. Read on!

Keeping it fresh keeps you healthy

One of the biggest benefits of eating seasonally are nutritional benefits. Fruit and vegetables contain phytonutrients which are natural compounds that give plant foods their bright colours and unique flavours. Scientists estimate that there are more than 5000 phytonutrients! Eating seasonally means you’ll be mixing up the produce you’re putting into your body, which is a great way to benefit from all the phytonutrients they provide.

Supports local farmers

At Real Food Grocer, we’re proud to say that all our produce is Aussie-grown. Our selection criteria is unique from the big supermarkets in that we hand select farmers grade produce – prioritising taste, longevity, and affordability which means you’re putting more dollar into the farmers’ pockets and our economy.

Bang for your buck

Eating produce that is in season means it’s generally in peak supply, so not only is it fresh and nutritious but it’s likely to be a lot cheaper.

Helping out the planet

Remember when we told you that all-year-round kiwi fruit sat in the supermarkets comes from Italy when it’s not in the Australian growing season? Well, those little Italian kiwis would have spent over a month in refrigerated freight before it landed in Aussie which means it has a much higher carbon footprint to travel all this way. Then there’s the increase in packaging to withstand the long-haul trip!

Flights, shipping and transportation are amongst the biggest contributors to a huge global carbon footprint. Getting your food seasonally and locally means that you’re massively reducing the number of miles your food needs to travel before it reaches your plate.

Keeps meal-time exciting

Because the fruit and veg in season are forever changing, it means you have new produce to play with in the kitchen which keeps things fun and exciting! Don’t consider yourself a future MasterChef contestant? Don’t worry! Team RFG are happy to provide recipes for any items our customers are stumped on, and encourage you to get creative in the kitchen.

What you have to look forward to in Spring

Your salads are about to get a nice spicy crunch with spring onions and radish coming into season. Fresh herbs will begin to flourish to add some flavour to your taste buds as we head towards summer. Asparagus, zucchini and artichoke will be living their best life this season just waiting to get roasted.

Berries are coming back, we repeat, berries are coming back! We’re already drooling over strawberries for breakfast on those crisp mornings.

Citrus choices will get a little slimmer in Spring but will be back around soon enough. Sweet potatoes will also be a little pricier than before.

When you order one of our Seasonal Boxes, you’ll get the very best of the season delivered straight your door. To start your Real Food Grocer journey, sign up to start receiving the freshest of produce on our website here.

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