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Iceberg Lettuce (also known as Crisphead) is a sweeter variety of lettuce, enjoyed for its mild flavour and crisp leaves. The leaves on the outside tend to be green, while the leaves in the centre vary from pale yellow-green to nearly white as you get closer to the core. Iceberg lettuce keeps longer than other types of lettuce, making it a great economical choice, reducing the risk of spoilage or waste.

Iceberg is perfect for lettuce cups and san choy bow, adding to sandwiches and wraps, or as a base for any salad. While it’s traditionally eaten raw, Iceberg can also be grilled in segments to serve as a delicious side dish!

Nutritional Benefits

While Iceberg is often pushed aside for not being as rich in vitamins as darker leafy greens (think kale and spinach), it’s still a perfectly healthy food. Iceberg is 96% water, making it a hydrating option for summer salads.


Store Lettuce in the crisper section of your fridge.


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