Organic Chocolate Coconut Chips – Regular Jar


Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Chocolate (Organic Coconut Sugar (2%), Organic Cocoa Powder (4%))

Crunchy coconut chips, combined with a light coating of chocolate to create a snack that satisfies any sweet tooth. They’re so good, you won’t be able to stop yourself going back for more!

Approx. weight: 145g*

*please note, product is sold by volume not by weight

Nutritional Information
Av. Per 100g

Energy (kj) 3034
Protein (g) 7.5
Fat Total (g) 66
Fat Saturated (g) 63
Carbohydrate (g) 25.3
Sugars (g) 12
Sodium (mg) 27.5

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Organic Chocolate Coconut Chips

Real Food Grocer are very excited to be collaborating with Honest to Goodness to supply our customer with a greater range of products while still holding true to our values and the promise Real Food Grocer has made to you.

Honest to Goodness are a certified B-corporation. Certified B-Corporations meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The performance standards are comprehensive and transparent. They measure a company’s impact on all its stakeholders (e.g. workers, suppliers, community, and the environment). Together, B-Corps redefine success in business by competing not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

Real Food Grocer Bulk Section

Real Food Grocer’s home brand bulk goods are sourced with careful attention, ensuring traceability of ingredients, and ethical labour practices. The whole range is packaged in reusable, returnable, recyclable glass jars. RFG is passionate about ensuring that the loop is closed on every aspect of this range of products.

This item is packaged in a 300ml glass jar with lid. We accept these jars to be returned for re-use. Please ensure that the jar is clean and intact (including lid) if you choose to return it for re-use, and leave it in your returnable delivery box on your next delivery day.

Please note that our bulk section is not allergen-free, and while care is taken to avoid cross contamination, all products may contain traces of other allergens (including gluten, tree nuts, and dairy).