As the name implies – this box is our choice!  There’s no set menu, no customisations, no preferences, no ability to switch or leave items off the list. BUT That’s why it’s such a corker deal.

** No Customisations Available For This Box**

What can you expect for your $65? you can expect to get roughly twice what you’d get for your money if you chose your own. That’s right – being a bit flexible with your meal planning can save you heaps of money!

What sort of produce can you expect? Items we tend to have lots of in the Grocers choice boxes include fresh herbs and greens, often times berries and soft fruits, everything seasonal and delicious.



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    The Large Grocer’s Choice Box is the perfect box for you if you wish to get a surprise each week. This box is our our way of giving our customers a range of different goodies we have in the cool room each week.

    This large box is recommended for a family of 4.

    Example of a past Grocers Choice box: