SEASONAL BOX – All Your Groceries – Vegan


The All Your Groceries Vegan Box is an ideal box for Vegans! We’re introducing this box to cater for all the Vegans who want to add some specialty items to their fruit and veg shop and get the inspiration of a seasonal menu to drive creativity in the kitchen.

This Weeks Menu

  • PLUM JAM (440g) (x 1)
  • Plant Based Mince ITALIAN Style - Live Chef Vegan Easy Meal 150g (Makes 720g) (x 1)
  • AUSTRALIAN ALMONDS, Raw, New Season - Regular Jar (x 1)
  • Vego Choc Melts (180g) (x 1)
  • BabaGanoush Dip (200g) - Fresh Fodder (x 1)
  • FRUIT & NUT MUESLI, SULPHUR-FREE - Large Jar (x 1)
  • TOMATO PUREE, Organic (350g) - Ceres Organics (x 1)
  • Pasta Shells - Large Jar (San Remo) (x 1)
  • ARBORIO RICE - 1kg Riseria Di Novara (x 1)
  • Sweet Chilli Tofu (200g) - SOYCO (x 1)
  • VEGAN CURRIED LENTIL & SPELT PIE (220g) - Byron Gourmet Pies (x 2)
  • Organic Natures RICE MILK 1L (x 1)
  • BONSOY Soy Milk Original 1L (x 1)
  • BANANA - Cavendish (Each) (x 5)
  • MUSHROOMS - White (200g) (x 2)
  • PINEAPPLE (x 1)
  • PEAR - Nashi (x 4)
  • PEAR - Beurré Bosc (Each) (x 3)
  • APPLE - Pink Lady (Each) (x 8)
  • MANDARIN - Imperial (x 10)
  • KIWI FRUIT (x 3)
  • AVOCADO - Hass (Each) (Smaller) (x 2)
  • CAPSICUM - Sweet Banana Capsicum (Each) (x 1)
  • ZUCCHINI (Each) (x 2)
  • GINGER (one knob - Approx. 50g) (x 1)
  • CHILLI - Red Cayenne (Each) (x 1)
  • BEETROOT - Red Topless (x 1)
  • LEEK (x 1)
  • ONION - Red (Each) (x 1)
  • ONION - Brown (Each) (x 3)
  • LEMON (Each) (x 2)
  • PUMPKIN - Butternut (x 1)
  • SWEET POTATO - Gold (Each) (x 3)
  • CARROT - Orange (Each, Medium Size) (x 3)
  • POTATO - Baby Chats (Each) (x 10)
  • CABBAGE - Green (QUARTER) (x 1)

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Who is The Vegam AYG Box ideal for? Well Vegans, this is also a great box for a family to get (vegan or not). Its packed full of interesting and different ingredients for you to find new recipes for, so a creative chef is another who may like this box.

We added this box to cater for Vegans who want to add some specialty items to their fruit and veg shop and get the inspiration of a seasonal menu to drive creativity in the kitchen.

If you’re a bit of a foodie, then this is the ideal box for you. You can customise it to get exactly what you needs, or you can test out your kitchen improvisation skills and see what you can make with our default box.

Grown with love. Packed carefully and delivered to you.

Shopping with Real Food Grocer makes a Real Difference.

Not only will you be eating better food that tastes amazing and saving time, you’ll be supporting local farmers with our ugly, but fresh farmer grade produce, our dry goods in returnable glass jars, our ethically priced milk, locally baked bread and Australian meat and small goods. You’ll be helping the environment with our palm oil free groceries and by not driving down the shops




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