Free Range Frankfurts (330g) – Nitrate Free


Product of Australia.


Posh ‘Hot Dogs’. Boil them up, or chuck them on the BBQ. Great for watching the footy.

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Gamze Smokehouse are a family owned and operated business in North East Victoria that has a passion for good quality and locally made food. They supply our premium smallgoods, made from unique recipes with love and many years of experience.

All Gamze Smokehouse products are:

  • Free Range
  • Gluten Free
  • Hand Crafted
  • Chemical preservative Free
  • Naturally Wood Smoked

If you are looking for an all-natural product free from unnecessary food additives then these smallgoods are for you! Chemical sodium nitrite (250) is NOT used in the curing process, replacing all commonly used chemical ingredients with natural alternatives to eliminate any E numbers. Gamze Smokehouse believe in using locally grown ingredients, low food miles, and making everything by hand in small batches.

Free range

True Free Range pigs will travel long distances during the day, foraging for their favourite treats or just to go to that hidden resting place or mud wallow. Pigs love to graze and will supplement their diet with grasses and weeds when given the opportunity. Gamze’s pigs give birth outdoors and spend their entire lives free to roam and forage in paddocks. They do not have their tales docked or their teeth clipped, and are able to grow at a natural pace unaided by hormones or growth promoters. Farmers do not use sow stalls or farrowing crates. Knowing that farmed pigs are treated well is very important to us and our customers.

The natural curing process

Nitrite is used in the curing process of all smallgoods, and is a requirement by Australian law. Most commonly an artificial chemical sodium nitrite (250). Gamze Smokehouse only use a natural nitrite extracted from celery, where it occurs naturally. The curing process is very simple, as they only use Salt, High Country Honey, and Natural Nitrite. All products are therefore preservative free so NO “E” numbers (food additives) are used, and are also gluten free. For those with food allergies, or looking to cut unnecessary chemicals from their diet, these products are perfect for you.

Real Food Grocer Ethical Seals of Approval

Each of these Seals means we’ve checked out this product and we’re happy to back it as falling into the category denoted by the Seal. Click on the Seal images to find more products in our store that also have this Seal of approval.

This product has been produced with labour that is fairly paid for under safe conditions.

There has been no involvement of minors.

This product has been identified as gluten free by the manufacturer.

We not not place this icon on items that are naturally gluten free.

This product has been identified as dairy free by the manufacturer.

We not not place this icon on items that are naturally dairy free.

     This product contains no palm oil.