MANGO – Kensington Pride (Each)


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Mangoes are a versatile summer treat – we love them smothered with almond butter for a snack, paired with vanilla ice cream for dessert, added to yoghurt bowls for breakfast, frozen and added to refreshing smoothies, or incorporated into salads with avocado, macadamia nuts, crisp leafy greens, and protein of choice. We use KP (Kensinton Pride) Mangoes, as they’re known for their sweet & juicy flesh – other varieties that you might know of are R2E2 and Calypso.

According to historical reports, mango plants were taken on voyages to Asia by Buddhist monks as early as the 4th and 5th centuries BC, gaining popularity and being spread to the Middle East, Africa, South America, and the Philippines. By the 1800s, mangoes found their way to Australia, where they have been grown since.


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