STRAWBERRIES (non-compostable packaging 250g)


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250g recyclable plastic punnet

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Strawberries are available all year round, so these berries are usually sourced from Queensland or Western Australia. The Queensland season has a peak during September, while the local Victorian strawberry is at its best from November until February, during which time we are able to offer strawberries in compostable punnets. During local season we make these berries in plastic punnets unavailable, so that the low price of mass produced plastic punnets doesn’t distract us from making the best choice all season long!

Strawberries belong to the Rosaceae (rose) family of plants. They are bright red, juicy, and sweet, and are a popular summer fruit that can be eaten fresh, added to salads, made into jams, and used in desserts.

Nutritional Benefits

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, and also contain minerals such as potassium and manganese. They also contain dietary fibre, which is important for healthy digestion – you’ll get about 10% of your daily fibre requirements from 125g of strawberries.


Store strawberries in your fridge – keeping strawberries cold and cry is important to prevent spoilage. They should be used within two or three days. You can also rinse, chop, and freeze older berries (or if you have an abundance that you know you won’t eat), ready to use in smoothies year-round!


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