BANANA – Cavendish (Each)


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Bananas are a popular tropical fruit that are available year round, great for snacks, baking and adding to smoothies. In Australia, Cavendish is the most common variety of banana, loved for its creamy, smooth texture, and thin peel. Botanically speaking, the banana plant is technically a large herb, distantly related to ginger, since the plant does not form a woody trunk like a tree, but rather forms a succulent stalk. And if you want to get really technical, bananas can be classified as a type of berry (although strawberries cannot).

When selecting bananas, we try to get them when they’re slightly green and not fully ripened, so that they last a little while once they are delivered to you. We don’t mind if they aren’t the ‘right’ shape for a banana, as we consider this to be natural variation in a natural product, so sometimes our bananas might not be as curved as you’d expect.

Nutritional Value

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and complex carbohydrates. They’re the perfect snack on the go, as they come in their own little natural wrapper – just peel and enjoy!


Store bananas at room temperature in your fruit bowl – they will naturally ripen. Storing them next to other fruit such as tomatoes and apples will speed the process, or if you’re in a hurry to eat them, pop your bananas in a paper bag with an apple to really speed things up. Once ripe, bananas are also best stored away from other produce – particularly avocados, peaches, tomatoes, apples and figs – as these fruits produce a lot of ethylene gas, which encourages the ripening process of bananas.

Refrigerating bananas will turn their skin brown or black, however the fruit inside should not be affected, so this is a great way to prevent bananas from over-ripening, or keep them at the perfect ripe-ness for a few days longer. Over-ripe and spotty bananas can be peeled, chopped, and stored in a container in the freezer, ready for use in cakes, muffins, and smoothies. Why not grab a few extra and freeze them? Once frozen you can blend them to make a dairy free ice cream that is a real treat!


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