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Truly Aussie pears these are named after the colourful corella parrot. These were first developed as a hybrid in the Barossa Valley. These green pears with a pretty pink blush are harvested around Australia from April to September (ish) with midseason fruit being the tastiest.

To enjoy these while they are still crisp shave them into a salad or slice them onto a cheese platter. You can tell if they are beautifully soft and ripe by sniffing the bottom of the pear – it should smell sweet a little like crushed leaves.

Corellas are also great for poaching for tarts, to use in cakes or just serve with a little cream.

Corella Pears have lots of Vitamin C, fibre, and potassium.



Each, (10pk approx 2kg)

1 review for PEAR – Corella

  1. NelleB

    Nelle’s Pick – Nelle from Real Food Grocer LOVES corella pears. I really like to poach them in spices and serve them with ice cream. OR there’s a great clafoutis recipe that has caramelised pears on the bottom which they are really nice in.

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