APPLE – Pink Lady (Each)


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Pink Lady Apples are a tasty red apple – firm, sweet and crisp, with a juicy flesh. They’re excellent as-is, sliced and slathered in peanut butter, added to salads, or cooked into apple crumbles. Pink Lady Apples are available almost year-round, with a dip in availability during Autumn.

We look for apples with firm, smooth skin – our apples are often a funny shape, and may have cosmetic blemishes, but knowing that this does not affect the nutritional benefits or flavour of the fruit, we are more than happy to enjoy our tasty yet ugly apples.

Nutritional Benefits

Apples are a good source of fibre and Vitamin C, and contain an impressive range of phytonutrients. Many of the nutrients are concentrated in the skin of apples, so be sure to enjoy the whole fruit – including the skin – to get the most nutritional benefit.


Keep your apples crisp and delicious by storing them in the fridge.


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