APPLE – Fuji (12 Pack)

$8.53 $5.00

Approx 6 apples per kilo

12 pieces, a dozen Fuji apples.

The Fuji Apple is a sweet apple, available year round and at its peak in Autumn and Winter.

No packaging.

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Real Food Grocer sells produce by the piece wherever possible, This helps save us on both labour costs and on packaging. We set our prices based on a pretty educated guess of the size produce we’ll be selecting. Nature doesn’t grow to set specifications so sometimes we guess wrong.

If we end up with smaller items than we planned for we’ll give you some extras so you still get the same great value you expected based on our posted pricing.

If the items we serve you are larger than planned we’ll give you the number you ordered and you’ll get a bit of extra weight as a bonus.

What if you’re not happy with an item? Don’t forget we have a Freshness Guarantee for all our products and will gladly refund or redeliver items if anything should go wrong.