VEGAN BUTTER – Large Cultured Butter 1.3kg (The Vegan Dairy)

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Ingredients: Organic cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, cold pressed rice bran oil, filtered water, natural vegan cultures, sea salt, soy lecithin, natural vegan colouring derived from sunflowers.


Rich, smooth cultured European style vegan butter, lightly salted. Tastes, spreads, melts and bakes like the real thing. Packaged in recyclable plastic tub with 100% home compostable labels.


*please note this item is a refrigerated product.

*best before 12/11/2020

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The Vegan Dairy

Real Food Grocer are stoked to be stocking The Vegan Dairy’s products, giving us the chance to support a small business that has supported us for a long time… as well as giving us the chance to supply our customers with a range of vegan dairy alternatives that hold true to our values and the promise Real Food Grocer has made to you.

The team at The Vegan Dairy believe in being kind to the planet through creating amazing plant-based foods, AND being kind to the planet by reducing their environmental impact as much as they can. They opt for carefully selected packaging options that reduce waste and place a value on reusable and sustainable options – much like us here at Real Food Grocer!

They package in mason jars with a leak proof and airtight lid, and 100% home compostable labels. This means that you can reuse your glass jar over and over, in a multitude of different ways, and pop your label into your home compost bin (or, if you don’t have compost, just dig it into any garden bed or area of soil you can find… if you have no soil around anywhere and your only option is to put the label into landfill, you can know that this 100% plant-based label will break down in less than 12 weeks).

The Vegan Dairy have always strived to create their products with the most healthy and eco-conscious ingredients available. Everything used is organic, with no preservatives and no fillers – they keep things simple, clean, and pronounceable! They only work with companies who are 100% committed to never using child, slave, or animal labour, and who work to support and give back to the communities they work within.

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