SCHULZ GREEK Yoghurt, Organic (1kg)


Ingredients: Unhomogenised Certified Organic Cows Milk, Organic Milk Solids, Live Cultures (S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus).

Using their Natural Yogurt as it’s base, Schulz then strain to remove the liquid whey creating the classic tangy, thicker-textured, Greek-style yogurt. It’s tub-set, and retains a thick layer of cream on top.

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Schulz Organic Dairy

You can visit their website here.

Real Food Grocer are very proud to be stocking Schulz Organic, in order to supply our customers with a range of dairy products, while still holding true to our values and the promise Real Food Grocer has made to you.

Schulz Organic is three generations of the Schulz family working towards the most sustainable farm, and most pure product possible. Their philosophy is simple: happy cows produce delicious milk. At the forefront of organic farming since 1972, they’ve been producing the highest quality milk from their single herd of Friesian & Jersey cows.

They work hard to make real dairy products that are simple, pure and delicious, processing in small batches with great care and detail at their farmhouse factory in Timboon. They add nothing but natural ingredients to their products.

Schulz Organic Dairy is set on 1044 acres of extremely fertile land. They use organic farming principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grass and animals, which means their land is chemical, hormone and pesticide free.

Once you try Schulz Organic dairy products, you will really taste the difference.

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