EGGS – Pastured, 600g (Dozen)


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Introducing Little Yarra Free Range Eggs.  Located in Launching Place Victoria, very local to a lot of our customers.  Sue and Glenn live on the farm with their chickens whom they love very much.  Little Yarra Free Range Eggs density is 300 chickens/hectare.  They run their farm sustainably and employ organic farming practices but have chosen not to get organic certification to reduce the cost to customers.

If you are interested in checking out the free ‘rangeness’ of your current egg suppliers (if you don’t get them from us) download the CluckAR app on your smart device.  This app was created by CHOICE to empower consumers to be informed and make choices that puts pressure back along the food supply chain that density standards matter.



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  1. anlinaj (verified owner)

    The eggs are great. Nice orange yolks and great flavour. I love that they are proper free range by bird count and not ‘supermarket standard’ free range.

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