EGGS – Pastured, 700g (Dozen)

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1 x carton of a dozen pastured eggs (700g) from Lucky Cluckers or Glorious Googies.

Stocking density of 200-400 hens per hectare.

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Pastured Eggs – Lucky Cluckers & Glorious Googies

Our pastured egg suppliers absolutely pride themselves on being REALLY free range. They work hard to ensure that they have the happiest hens around. We source our pastured eggs from Lucky Cluckers in Jindivick, and Glorious Googies in Korumburra. They have a stocking density of 200-400 hens per hectare – in contrast, there are still eggs in stores right now labelled as “free range” with 10,000 hens per hectare. By law, these eggs can be classified as “free range”, despite the hens having only one metre squared each to move, and with no mandate for the hens to actually spend time outdoors. When put into perspective like this, pastured eggs seem like common sense.


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