GOAT’S CHEESE – Meredith Pepperberry Chèvre (150g)


Ingredients: Pasteurised Goats Milk, Salt, Ash, Cultures, Non-Animal Rennet.

Meredith Pepperberry Chèvre is an artisan farmhouse cheese, made by hand using milk supplied only from the farm. Having little distance to travel to the dairy, this milk is the freshest it can possibly be when it starts its transformation into cheese. This freshness is reflected in the final flavour, giving the cheese a creamy, distinctive fresh lemon flavour. The addition of pepperberry imparts a fruity sweetness with a peppery note at the back of the palate. There are subtle undertones of cloves, mint and cranberry. This is a cheese that pairs well with gin and meats such as quail, duck, kangaroo, rabbit and venison.

The Pepperberry is a native Australian ingredient that is high in anti-oxidants and has traditionally been used to aid in digestion and as a treatment for scurvy. A shrub native to woodlands and the cool temperature rainforests of south-eastern Australia, small white flowers appear in summer, giving way to a mass of berries in autumn. Once dried, these berries resemble peppercorns and are a deep purple colour, which marbles the white goat’s milk chèvre with traces of purple.

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Meredith Dairy

Meredith Dairy’s aim is simple: to pass on to the next generation a business that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable and part of a vibrant rural community. They’re passionate about Australian family business, their animals, sustainable farming, and creating beautiful healthy products that taste great. Their approach is a great example of holistic agriculture. Cheese and yoghurt is made daily, from the milk collected on the same day. The grains grown on the farm are used by the dairy animals, straw is used for bedding, and the manure is returned to the soil as fertiliser.

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