Premium DEAD SEA SALT (750ml Glass)


Dead Sea salt was traditionally used for bathing, however this miraculous salt is now being incorporated into salt scrubs, serums, lotions, and anti-ageing regimes as a 100% natural skincare solution.

Dead Sea Bath Salt is well suited for anyone looking for a relaxing retreat away from the stresses of everyday life. It is widely recognised for not only its relaxing & skin conditioning, but also for its detoxifying, healing, and restoring properties.

Essential oils can easily be blended through the salt to make delightful blends for personal or professional use.

Since the time of Ancient Egyptians, various cultures and groups have visited the waters of the Dead Sea for therapy. These days it is also a popular spot for locals and tourists to relax in, especially when seeking relief from skin and rheumatic disorders.

The Dead Sea’s unique waters have a total salt concentration that is ten times higher than normal ocean water. The composition of the brines is distinct, comprised mainly of magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, as well as a high level of bromides, making it an extremely therapeutic and soothing treatment for the whole body.

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Dead Sea Salt

Approx. weight: 720g*

*please note, product is sold by volume not by weight


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