Glass ALL SURFACE CLEANER & Spot Stain Remover (750ml Glass) – Euca


Our Euca Products come in 750ml Glass bottles which can be returned & reused!

Ingredients: Water, Butyl Cellosolve, Ethoxylated Alcohol (surfactant), Food Colouring.

Add to spray bottle and simply spray and wipe!

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Euca Glass All Surface Cleaner & Spot Stain Remover

“This cleaner has been developed as the best streak free glass and shiny surface cleaner you can buy.

Able to be used on all highly-polished surfaces it makes life simple and stress free around the house with its quick drying no residue formula. It also has an added anti-static agent to repel dust and lint to reduce re-soiling.

Use on glass, windows, mirrors, chrome, bench tops, tables, chairs, tiles, basins, taps, automotive interiors, phones, computer screens, keyboards, and all plastics.

A little trick about Euca Glass is it will remove stains and marks from fabrics, so great on chairs and carpets as well as clothes.”

  • Superior and fast streak free cleaning for all modern surfaces
  • Quick drying and no residue
  • Contains an Anti-static agent to repel dust and lint
  • Perfect for all glass, mirrors and computer screens
  • Ideal for all hard surfaces, desk tops, kitchen, Bathroom, laundry , stone benches and upholstery
  • Sinks, taps, shower screens, tiles, cook tops, splash backs and more

Euca Products are cruelty free & palm oil free

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