FLOOR & GENERAL PURPOSE Cleaner (750ml Glass) – Euca


Our Euca Products come in 750ml Glass bottles which can be returned & reused!

Directions for using Euca’s Floor Cleaner: 

  • Add 30ml per 8-10lt bucket
  • Wring a mop to avoid excess water
  • Change the water regularly for the best results
  • Let floors air dry for super perfect clear shine

Raw ingredients: Tetra Sodium Salt, SLES, Cocamide DEA, Alpha Olefin Sulphate, Tea tree and Lemon Myrtle Oil, Fragrance, Food Colour, Water.

Streak-Free Finish!

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Introducing Euca’s new eco-friendly floor cleaner. Our Euca floor cleaner has added anti-bacterial properties to prevent the spread of cross infection, plus combined with the natural tea tree oil and lemon Myrtle oil, offers a powerful cleaning product that leaves behind a refreshing, but natural, fragrance. This floor cleaner is a concentrated formula – which means you will use less.
Euca’s floor cleaner is a pure concentrate – so use less , save money!

The benefits of Euca’s new Floor Cleaner

✔️ Biodegradable

✔️ Tough on grease and grime

✔️ NEW formula, with added Phenoxyethanol, a known Bacteriacide. 

✔️ Made with Natural Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle for powerful cleaning and a naturally refreshing fragrance

✔️ No added synthetic perfumes

✔️ Added rinse aid for spot-free drying

✔️ Ideal on all glass, metal surfaces and other hard surfaces

✔️ Can be used as a general all-purpose cleaner

✔️ Suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial use

✔️ Suitable for floors, walls and other surfaces (dilute and add to spray bottle for surface cleaning) 

✔️ Deodorises and sanitises 

Euca products are not tested on animals and do not contain palm oil

No Animals are ever harmed in the process of making Euca Products– we love all animals big and small. Euca online cleaning and household products do not contain palm oil and are made in Melbourne.

This powerful eco cleaning product removes grease and grime easily, dries to a nonslip finish, and also leaves a lovely clear shine on surfaces. It is perfect for all hard floors and other surfaces, truly a hidden gem.

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