Worm Wee Concentrate (2 Litres) – RFG ZERO WASTE PROJECT


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Get yourself a 2 litre bottle of worm wee concentrate produced by our worm farm waste project! We’ve got 80,000 little worm workers processing offcuts and other non-edible wastage here at Real Food Grocer, reducing our landfill significantly.

The final product of worm farms is this super nutrient dense Worm Wee for your garden. By purchasing a container of this worm wee you are not only putting good things into your veggie patch or rose bush (use worm wee diluted – this is a concentrate, so we recommend using 1 part worm wee to 5-6 parts water!)

You are also financially supporting our efforts to become a waste-free business. It costs more in time. labour and actual cost to run a  business conscious of waste (if it didn’t then everyone would do it) and the small amount we recoup on our Worm Wee makes this sustainable as an ongoing practice for Real Food Grocer.