Real Food Grocer

Road map to zero landfill

Our Goal

To produce no landfill waste in our business by 2025. To acknowledge in our journey towards this process that it is not good enough to simply pass our waste to others to send to landfill.

To ensure that the waste produced by Real Food Grocer is handled in the BEST way – which means recycling is an end of life cycle option only and to be considered a last resort for item disposal.

Finally – we consider it imperative to benchmark and continue to improve our low waste packaging options in order to help our customer reduce their waste footprint within their homes.

Where we begin.

As a retailer Real Food Grocer starts off with a quite impressively low waste footprint.  During 2017 we produced 1.0374m3 per household served of waste for the year.

During the 2017 calendar year we disposed of waste in several ways:

  1. Paper Recycling – 74%
  2. Farm Re-use – 0.01%
  3. Warehouse Re-use – 0.01%
  4. Other Recycling – 0.0%
  5. Organic Compost Collection – 21.5 % despite paying for this service we have recently discovered that this collection ends up in landfill – making organic compost collection in reality 0% of our waste disposal methods and passing that percentage into the landfill section.
  6. Landfill  – 24.98%
  7. Donation of Edible waste – 1%

In the future, we’d like to tackle our waste footprint by both reducing the waste we create and utilizing more intelligent disposal systems for the waste that we do


Real Food Grocer


Targets for 2018

We have five clear targets for this year which will see us well on our way to our ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill by 2025.

  1. Reduce our total waste production by 15%
  2. Increase our Farm Re-use & Warehouse Re-use categories to a measurable percentage
  3. Completely revamp our house brand product packaging to be plastic free
  4. Research and test disposal pathways for inedible food waste
  5. Engage our customers in waste reduction activities and increase box and packaging return rates.

Our mission here at real food grocer

Food Should Have a Positive Impact

Scott and Nelle have built Real Food Grocer on the idea that food is a human right. The knowledge that you have access to affordable, fresh food that enslaves no-one and contributes to a healthy environment is something they think is essential.

This sometimes means we do things differently, or we sacrifice profit here at Real Food Grocer – but it’s worth it to know that what you serve at your dinner table makes the world a better place.