Low Packaging, low plastic, low waste.

Real Food Grocers Fresh Produce is low to no packaging. Our emphasis on reducing landfill and the footprint of our business is a core part of our values – part of the reason we even exist.

With a little encouragement from our customers in 2017 we declared this intention to the world with a new packaging policy reducing our use of plastics and even paper packaging.  We’ve since added to this initial declaration with a roadmap to zero landfill by 2025.

Here’s how we announced the changes back in 2017

We’ve thought a lot about packaging lately and we’ like to announce some changes. We’re going to continue to use our cardboard boxes for your deliveries – they’re recyclable, returnable and reusable and we love them.. so do you guys apparently!

What About Plastic?

We are going to ditch it! wherever possible anyway.
Some things we’re just not bagging for you at all anymore. Mushrooms, beans and snow peas will come loose in your box.

For things like spinach, we’ll be using mini cardboard pots and paper bags instead. These, like our boxes, are recyclable, returnable and reusable. There are a couple of limitations to what we can do though:

1. we HAVE to wrap cut pumpkins, melons & cabbage (it’s the law) so until we figure out a better way just be conscious of this and buy whole ones where you can.

2. strawberries, cherry tomatoes, fancy mushrooms and punnets – these are a bit beyond our control –
we will choose un-packaged items where they are available but some things get punnet-ted at the farm and we are just not quite big enough to get some farmers to do a special unpackaged version just for us…but one day!

3. Non-fruit & veg. Items from other brands aren’t in our control, unfortunately. We are talking to the folks who package our RFG brand nuts, grains & dried fruits and we’ll probably have these switched to paper in the next 6 months or so – but an immediate solution isn’t so easy…

Anything that has packaging or plastic will get marked as such on our website in the future so you can make an informed choice about packaging in your home.

Paper and cardboard are more expensive for us than plastic bags ? so we had to increase the price of once-off fruit & veg (or fruit, or veg, or all your groceries) boxes by a small amount to compensate.

We are NOT increasing the prices for customers with automatic deliveries– we know you guys are in it for the long haul and that you will send back your packaging for re-use so we’ve decided to cop the extra cost to us on the chin for you amazing customers! Hurrah!

Happy Eating!

xoxo Nelle.

Real Food Grocers Policies on waste and packaging are so important to us.

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