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Ugly is not inferior

Despite what the huge wasteful stacks of produce in leading supermarkets have trained us to believe a bent carrot is NOT inferior to a straight one. 

It takes just as much to nurture and grow and provides just as much nourishment and flavour. A straighter or smaller banana is not a “reject” and should cost the same to buy.

The thing is – when they charge you less for the ugly ones they aren’t giving you a discount – they’re just showing you how much extra you pay to have the pretty ones sorted to the shelf and the ugly ones sent to landfill.

In Australia, between 20 and 40 per cent of fruit and vegetables grown are rejected before they reach the shops because they don’t meet supermarkets’ high cosmetic standards and specifications. 



We deliver you ugly produce so that you can make beautiful changes to the world.

At Real Food Grocer we do not have the same uniformed standards as the big supermarkets.

Our selection criteria is unique in that we hand select farmers grade produce prioritising taste, longevity, and affordability.  Our criteria demonstrates that we acknowledge our customers’ belief in fair wages for all, reduced food waste and package, and their household nutrition more than the aesthetics of their food

We are passionate about our supply chain because you deserve to know where your food comes from and what impact your spending choices have on the world. 

The quality of our fruit is like the plums off the tree in your grandmas yard. If your grandma was a farmer.

Guaranteed Fresh but often a little on the ugly side. Your delivery will contain produce that looks home grown and tastes amazing.




Real Food Grocer

it’s easy to feel great about the food you eat. 

When your delivery arrives you pop a blueberry in your mouth on the way to the fridge. It’s a cracking good feeling knowing there’s no unnecessary packaging in your delivery and that all your goodies are grown in Australia.

The food tastes better when someone else has done the shopping for you and ordering online is just a few clicks to set up an automatic delivery. Then – being able to tweak the delivery each week makes the super seasonal menu super practical.

Did you know up to 40% of fresh food grown in Australia is rejected by the supermarkets for being too ugly?

And this food ends up in landfill!!!

You can help combat this trend and make a real difference by choosing to support ugly, fresh food. Grown in the dirt. Seasonal and flavourful. You’ll love the crunch of a good spotty apple and the full flavour of a banana that’s been stored correctly. We also love to include unusual varieties to inspire you in the kitchen.


Our mission here at real food grocer

Food Should Have a Positive Impact

Scott and Nelle have built Real Food Grocer on the idea that food is a human right. The knowledge that you have access to affordable, fresh food that enslaves no-one and contributes to a healthy environment is something they think is essential.

This sometimes means we do things differently, or we sacrifice profit here at Real Food Grocer – but it’s worth it to know that what you serve at your dinner table makes the world a better place.



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