A Food System Without the Waste

In Australia, between 20 and 40 percent of fruit and vegetables grown are rejected before they reach the shops because they don’t meet supermarkets’ high cosmetic standards and specifications. 
Additionally, shop and supermarkets overbuy produce trying to entice customers to buy more than they need to increase their profits.
In a traditional shop food is displayed for purchase -meaning it’s often stored in less than perfect conditions and the customer gets less time to use the produce.
At real food grocer we have designed a system that turns standard, wasteful practices on their heads.


Attacking the waste produced in our established food system is a big job and meant we had to look at all of our assumptions about how fresh food is sold.

Real Food Grocer tackles waste in a bunch of ways:

Ugly food – we refuse to accept the idea that prettier is better. Our produce might be spotted, small, bent or wonky – but it’s always super tasty and we love moving the needle on what farmers can sell rather than send to landfill.

We Source to Order – we love the HUGE impact of this one, no waste in our warehouse, the odds and ends left over at the end of the day feed us, or are given to charities. But more importantly, if our farmers are forecasting for the actual needs of our community and not planting for what we hope to sell.

We store food correctly – We don’t have it for long – just while we put it in boxes and get ready to deliver to you – but while your produce is in our care we store it properly to maximise how long you have to use it at home.

We don’t offer multibuys – We love to offer you specials and bargains – but we won’t insist you buy more than you need to get them.

Our mixed boxes are flexible to reduce waste – no fixed menus so you waste food – our boxes are customisable – or if our box sizes aren’t quite right for you-you can just choose exactly what you need.

We educate our customers about seasonality – with imported produce available year round we’ve lost touch with whats best and when – at Real Food Grocer we think prioritising sharing information on how the seasons and weather impact produce.


Real Food Grocers Policies on waste and packaging are so important to us.

We’d like to share them with you

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