Real Food Grocers Tips for ISO

At Real Food Grocer we know that many people are doing it tough right now, and this includes our wonderful community of customers. It’s important that through this period of lockdown, social isolation, working from home and essential work, we’re still keeping physically and mentally well and filling the days as best we can.

In today’s Real Food Grocer blog, we’re not here to shame you for 12PM pajama parties or tricking the kids into a 4PM dinner – we’re simply sharing some tips to help you keep on top of your days during current uncertainty. Read on!

Recommendations from the pros:

This article from the ABC is a great one that covers some essential ground. It details a simple theory of self-care that you can practice at home. It works by categorising our daily activities into four areas: Body Care, Achievement, Connecting With Others, and Enjoyment (BACE) and making sure you’re dipping into all these categories weekly.

  1. Body Care is already half sorted when you pop in your Real Food Grocer order! Balancing the fresh, delicious meals you can make from RFG produce with some allocated time to move your body, breathe fresh air and see the sun makes this one simple to check off.
  • Achievement is about ensuring that you accomplish a few simple tasks in your down time. This could be anything that gives you a sense of satisfaction. From perfectly flipping a pancake or completing a 1000 piece puzzle to finally sorting out your ‘junk’ draw – these can be long or short-term goals that motivate you to achieve.
  • Connecting With Others is ensuring you get in some social time. FaceTiming, Skyping, Zooming or the old fashioned phone call all work a treat. While catching up for happy hour with your friends, family or colleagues is a great idea, ensure that these connections are meaningful. Share the highlights and challenges of your day and ask your pals for theirs. After all, we’re all in this together.
  • Lastly, we have Enjoyment or making time for the things you love. Books, movies, walks in the sunshine, peace and quiet once the kids are in bed, the list goes on. This is our team’s favourite area, so enjoy some hot tips from us below!

Recommendations from team RFG:

The Real Food Grocer team are all big readers. Nelle is currently reading The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley and loving it! Scott is an audiobook guy, and rather than listening to music while he completes the Real Food Grocer delivery run, he gets through around 200 novels a year! Scott has just finished Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe which has certainly made it’s mark on him. When it comes to music, Nelle plays Nina Simone when she’s pottering at home and when she’s working, it’s Yo-Yo Ma on the cello for ultimate productivity.

Team Real Food Grocer hope that today’s blog brightens you day or at least gives you some inspiration for activities to introduce into the week. Remember to get in your fruit and vegies and tag us in your isolation cooking creations!