Title image of clear glass jars filled with dried goods. Title says "our packaging" in white over a red background

Real Food Grocer Boxes

We choose to spend a bit more on our boxes so that they can handle refrigerated transportation, and reuse.
Cardboard is the perfect breathable transportation for fresh produce so we use a combination of our branded boxes and reused cartons from our supply chain.

Once the boxes have reached the end of their lifecycle with us we recycle them so the raw materials can be used again!
We aim to get 75% of our boxes returned and usually sit between 50%-75% return rate with each box getting used an average of 9.4 times.

**We have some customers with anaphylactic allergies who we take the precaution of using a fresh box with each time**

Returnable, Reusable Glass Jars

We wanted to be able to offer you the convenience of your local bulk store home delivered. So we package our bulk products right in the warehouse using returnable, reusable glass jars. Send us your clean, label free jars with a lid and we’ll make them all a part of the system. You can decant your rice or cornflakes when they get home or keep the jar ’til it’s empty- whichever way you go making sure you send it back for re-use keeps more packaging out of landfill.

Compostable Punnets

We’re always looking for ways to reduce the packaging in our supply chain. One of our biggest bugbears is plastic punnets – so when we can source berries or cherry tomatoes we package ’em in our own BioCane punnets. Which we can feed to our worm farms after we reuse them ’til they aren’t useable any more!

We’d love to ditch cling wrap entirely but food safety laws require that we wrap cut melons, cabbages etc. We encourage you to buy whole fruit & veg where you can to avoid this icky bit of plastic wrap and are ever on the hunt for a compostable solution!