Worming Out Of Waste

A step closer to zero landfill
This week we’ve taken another step on our journey towards becoming a zero waste to landfill business.

Thanks to worm lovers we have installed a commercial hungry bin to help us send less waste to landfill.

We look forward to sharing the results of this new installation with you. If you have school aged kids you might be interested in the activites and school program that wormlovers have available on their website (here)

Reducing Food Waste

Real Food Grocer is working on packaging and plastics but we also think that reducing the amount of food waste (both edible and inedible) that ends up in landfill is super important!

Why? Because if we were to stop sending food to landfill we’d save as much carbon emissions as if we took 1 in 4 cars off the road – what a huge impact!


Green House Gasses are Caused by Food Waste

million tonnes of co2 are produced by food waste