Family Meal Planners

A study in how one family shops
Real Food Grocer has been delivering awesome tasty produce and groceries to the families of Melbourne for just on 7 years.  In that time, we have seen individuals become families and witnessed those families grow.  Each household is unique but we all must eat, and we are all often time poor.
We wanted to tell the story of some of our Real Food Grocer families, the challenges they face as a busy dynamic unit and how they use the Real Food Grocer service to smash their challenges; save time, money, their sanity and the environment to boot.

Real Food Grocer member Loren is a busy mum of 4.  Loren runs her own business Inner Grin and is passionate about providing for herself and her family with healthy food from scratch.

Although Loren is very busy she has worked out an amazing system to have most if not all her weeks food prepared in advance using interesting meal plans (including lunch boxes, pictures included) Loren is also focused on the bottom line.  Her challenge is finding an abundance of fresh, high quality produce at a reasonable and affordable price that suits her meal plans/cooking excitement.

The Challenge

Before ordering from Real Food Grocer Loren would have a one hour round trip (with all 4 children) to the best priced and high-quality fruit and veg wholesaler.  Loren found that when she shopped locally she could only source high quality produce at unreasonable prices or low-price produce that was also low in quality and freshness.
When Loren came on board she found the website provided many options but wasn’t quite sure what would work best for her and how to get it.  Kate, our Real Food Grocer Concierge spoke with Loren and provided information and support until the perfect delivery set up was found.  If anything came up or clarification was needed Kate was there to help.
Loren landed on a regular (weekly) pick your own order.  This allows her to add in the items she wants for the next delivery cycle based on her weekly meal plans.  The order is delivered at the end of the week and on Monday she does a cook up.

What Loren Has To Say



“We either had a half hour drive (with four kids!!) to get comparable value and quality, or we shopped locally and didn’t get the same quality.”


“We can still stick to a budget, get good quality, and it doesn’t require an hour to get us all out the door.”


“I think you guys are doing a fantastic job! It’s wonderful that you are continually looking to refine what you do ?
Real Food Grocer now provides their household with an abundance of super tasty and nutritious fruit and veg at great prices.  No more one hour round trips with the kids.  Everything they need is delivered straight to their door.  Loren has benefited further by telling her friends and family about our service, both Loren and the people she refers receive a $20 credit.
But what about the environmental challenge? Real Food Grocer was also able to reduce her package waste.  Loren was particularly happy that she can place her empty boxes out to be collected by us when her next delivery arrives.  We are so happy to offer a service that reduces her household waste.  We continue to push back on our suppliers to be conscious about their unnecessary packaging.
We did a cart comparison on one of Lorens most recent shops to see just how much she saved by getting her delivery from Real Food Grocer instead of with a larger supermarket. Her order included:
2 red capsicum | 9 banana | 1 traffic light capsicum | 7 brown onion | 1 kentutternut pumpkin (switched for kent for this comparison) | 2 cauliflower | 1 broccoli | 5 sweet pot | 10 zucchini | 10 kg granny smith apples | 3 leek | 1 celery | 2 cherry tomatoes | 3 dozen 700g free range eggs

Start Shopping

Setting up an Account with Real Food Grocer is just a few bits of info about where we can deliver to and then you just need to add items to your list and we'll deliver them - POW - easy.