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Market News

The following items are still crazy expensive:
Green Beans
Herbs (dill, curly parsley, flat parsley)

This is due to the extreme weather we have had over the last season. Not just the recent bursts of super hot…but do you remember the rains from 13-14 weeks ago? Check out the video below one of our farmers sent us to show us what the rains did to their fields.

Weather has such huge impacts on our food production and what is seasonally avaialable – and it’s not just the weather that occurs right before harvest – it’s often up to 6 months of weather patterns that impact the availability of fruits & veggies.

So what to eat instead? A lot of the green staple veggies have been impacted by this series of severe weather so some good replacements are asian greens like bok choy & choy sum, zucchini or bunched greens like silverbeet and kale.

As we see apricots & cherries head out of season we’re also switching to seasonal salad mangoes. New season gala apples are abundant and pears are delicious as we rip through the varieties that are fresh off the tree int he next few months before we settle in to eat pakhams & bosc for the rest of the year as they store the best.

I’m also recommending eggplants, pumpkin, all varieties of potato and sweet potato, capsicum, mushrooms, tomatillos and sweet corn at the moment – all delicious at this time of year and a great selection to build meal plans from – what are your favourite end of summer recipes?


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March 1, 2019