Customer Service Update


We have a little bit of housekeeping this week.

We are in the process of updating the action we take for unpacked items.  Anyone who is due to receive a replacement item will now be refunded and going forward all unpacked items will be refunded by close of business Friday.  You will continue to be able to view whether you have received a refund through your service desk.  If you have any unpacked items and you are concerned that we are unaware please feel free to email us.

Since beginning to offer the unpunneted cherry tomatoes we have been overwhelmed with the support from you guys.  Currently, we offer punneted and unpunneted cherry tomatoes for sale.  After discussions with our supplier, we will soon be offering cherry tomatoes unpunneted when available.  Fingers crossed the supply of unpunneted cherry tomatoes will keep up with our demand.  If you receive a punnet please feel free to send back with your empty box.



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March 8, 2019