Real Food Grocer Community Partners

Connecting With Community

Forming long-term relationships allowing for ongoing connection with our community and its needs.

Real Food Grocer recognises the responsibility small businesses have within local communities.  Being an online business can be hard as it removes a lot of the face to face interactions we have with our customers and the projects and celebrations in their local area.

Much more than a grocery delivery service and a product for payment exchange, we investigate the community programs and organisations in our customer’s communities and see how we can help.  Our headquarters may be stationary but we have the privilege of delivering to ALL of Melbourne and feel a connection to this larger community.

The relationships we form are mutually beneficial., we want our customers to know that the time we invest in building these relationships is an investment in building a better, more abundant, and more affordable food system for all.

Real Food Grocer is so proud to be working with the AAPS.  The AAPS work tirelessly across many communities in Melbourne protecting and nurturing the animals who are down on their luck or whose owners are not able to support their much-loved pets needs.  It is said that you can test the integrity of a community based on how they treat those within it without a voice.   Thank you, AAPS for loving our fury, feather, and sometimes scaley friends.
Seaford Food Forest is an amazing community driven garden with a difference.  The place has an amazing abundant and generous feeling to it.  Head down there during the week to check it out or attend one of their open days or produce and food swap meets.  Real Food Grocer is able to deliver some of our green waste to them for composting, this way we are thoughtfully disposing of some of our waste and the Seaford Food Forest, in turn, uses that to help feed and nurture their gardens.

Food forests are as much about community as they are about growing food. Unlike regular community gardens, where each person has their own plot, food forests are a garden created and cared for by the local community as a collaborative activity.

Foothills community care does some amazing work in and around the Mt Dandenong hills.  Foothills works with people experiencing issues such as family violence, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, mental health and social isolation.  They run weekly community meal nights and a monthly community cook up.  Whenever possible (often weekly) we deliver any surplus stock that can be used in their cooking.  The stock goes on to feed anyone attending the weekly community meal or as a part of the monthly cook up the meals are stored and delivered to community members in need.  Real Food Grocer cannot wait to head out there early in October to help out in the kitchen for a weekly community meal night.

Mums Supporting Families In Need is one of our favourite ever community groups. Running entirely on volunteer power these dynamic people turn peoples unwanted hand-me-downs into important support for families in need.

MSFIN needs support for running costs like the rent of their warehouse. So think about contributing a financial donation – or if you have clothing, prams, cots or other goods you can contribute to the cause get in touch and see how you can make a difference!

Real Food Grocer loves to help out with contributions to the regular BUnnings Sausage sizzles that help MSFIN pay some of their less glamourous bills.

Our customers can make their choices count, by supporting Real Food Grocer you are supporting your community directly.