Breakfast Pie

So many options with this… play around and see what your own family prefers. Eat as a cooked breakfast that can be used over a couple of days. I make this in an oven pan that is 40cm x 27cm. Adjust your ingredient volume according to your pan size! 




Ready In:

60 mins*





Good For:

Road Trips

Cooking Ahead

By: Narelle

You can actually make this into pastry, if you prefer. We do it this way because we tend to eat lower grains/carbs, than most.  It’s been great for our breakfast on roads trips and at self catered camps. It’s been a sanity saver to make in advance and use when we have a house full of guests. We like it warm, or cold – Enjoy!




  • Grated Cheese, at least 500g
  • 5-6 Cooked Sausages, chopped to approx 1.5cm
  • 30 eggs, Cracked into a jug
  • Tomato Sauce


  • 1 cup sliced capsicum
  • Worcestershire sauce

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Line your tray with baking paper.

Step 2

Take a large handful of the grated cheese and scatter it over the bottom of the baking paper.

Step 3

Scatter sausage pieces. then also scatter the capsicum if you’re using it.

Step 4

Gently pour the cracked eggs over everything, trying to avoid disturbing the placement of the sausage pieces. Any yolks that have not broken, need to be split now, with a sharp knife.

Step 5

Zig Zag the top with tomato sauce, and also a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, if you’re using it.

Step 6

Cover the top with grated cheese, enough so that you don’t see egg. Exposed egg becomes too tough to eat!

Step 7

Bake at approx. 150-160C till cooked. It’s cooked once there’s no wobble to it, and the cheese is lightly browned.

Step 8

Allow to sit for at least 10 minutes before slicing it.


If you DON’T split the yolks, you are more likely to end up with one in your lap, as you’re eating!
You can use other vegetables… sauteed mushrooms are nice, some spring onions would go well. Even some diced spinach or silver-beet. Try some different things and see what the family enjoys.

About Narelle

About Narelle

Recipe Writer, Bargain Hunter

Delivering groceries to Narelle is a pleasure as the kids all rush the delivery van as it stops in the driveway to help with the boxes and see whats inside. Even after all these years it's so lovely to see them get amped up about the deliveries from the "veggie man".
Narelle shares with us her recipes and her tactics for feeding a large family on a small budget. Her common sense strategies are something we love sharing with all our customers - and even better her hearty, nutritious and tasty recipes!

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