Plastic Free July

When it comes to packaging our tasty treats, the Real Food Grocer team are proud to be as close to plastic-free* as we possibly can. Not only do we deliver your goodies in a reusable cardboard boxes, we bag in paper and provide glass jars for our bulk items. We invest in good quality recyclables, that can be used time and time again.

In this spirit, you may have heard of Plastic-Free July. It’s happening now, and as we’re almost halfway through we wanted to provide you with some additional inspiration. We understand some of this month’s other challenges may have got in the way.

We’ve put together some tips to help you make permanent changes while reminding you why it’s worth it! Read on.  

  1. BYO bag

Let’s start with a simple one. Say no to the plastic bag. If you’re visiting the shops via vehicle, make sure to keep reusable bags in the boot, always. Heading to the shops on foot? Good on you for keeping those emissions down! Just make sure to carry a tote bag or backpack with you.

  • Say no to bottled water

We’re not asking you to stop drinking water! That would be very bad advice for your health and our business. Instead, we highly recommend treating yourself to a fancy reusable stainless steel bottle. Fill it up with tap water before you leave the house and refill on the go.

  • The final straw!

Carry with you a stainless-steel straw in your purse for those iced coffee days and cocktail nights.

  • Ditch the plastic produce bags

While RFG aim to keep you completely covered with your weekly order, we understand that sometimes (only sometimes) you’ll have to pick things up elsewhere. Produce bags are unnecessary. Trust us, your zucchini isn’t going to taste any different if it shares space in the tote bag with an apple. Worried it’s going to get dirty in your bag? Newsflash: it grew in the dirt! Just make sure to give it a good wash before you use it.

  • Check product labels

Did you know some facial washes and other personal care products contain tiny plastic beads? Make sure to check product labels and avoid anything with polyethylene listed as an ingredient. (Or, just order from us!)

  • Fabric or beeswax food wraps.

If you’re packing your own lunch every day, try using natural beeswax coated cloth wraps instead of plastic cling film. Not only are they eco-friendly but they also look pretty!

Even if you only manage to tick off a few of these amongst the challenges of this month, we’re proud of you for making some great steps towards helping planet earth. At Real Food Grocer, we acknowledge that working this way requires effort and extra energy dedicated to the way we cook, eat, plan our meals and select items for sale. It might be less convenient, but we truly believe the impact is worth it.

*Some punnet-ed items still come in plastic, though we are always looking to improve this area. Cut items are wrapped in cling-wrap due to food safety laws. And our meat comes in minimal – but still plastic packaging. Anything that comes with a plastic wrap is marked as such in the product description on the website.

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