Parsnip Powered Pasties



Frozen Pastry
Root Vegetables (turnip, potato, swede, onion, radish)
Tomato Paste
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper
Milk Wash


This is a really simple old family favourite. Some folks take a lot of care cutting out round pieces of pastry and sealing their pasties in neat little moon shaped parcels – but in my family a pastie was always much more like a rustic savoury slice – which was great because you could easily make a huge slab and cut it into appropriate portions for snacks, lunches or even as part of the main meal.

First, we’d grate the root veggies, then combine with equal parts mince. Add a splash of soy sauce and a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, heavily season with salt and pepper. Then simply line a baking tray, pop down a sheet of frozen pastry. COver the pastry with the mince mixture. Then top with another sheet of pastry.

Before you pop it in the oven wash the top of your pastie with a milk wash so the pastry goes nice and golden brown. Then into the oven for about 20-25 minutes. This freezes nicely so I tend to make a double batch and portion for lunches and snacks when I’m a bit rushed.


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