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·Hand selected. Grown with love. Packed carefully and delivered to you.We deliver wickedly fresh, Australian grown discount produce and common sense, real food groceries to homes around Melbourne. So you can show yourself (and those you love) the kindness of nourishing, tasty and seasonal food – every week.You’ll love the abundant, great value boxes. The full fridge and huge carrots. The recipe suggestions that come with your weekly menu and the free home delivery.

Shopping with Real Food Grocer makes a Real Difference. While you pop your weeks produce away you can feel how crisp the lettuce is. You’ll see that there are marks on the skin of your avocado and that it wont be ready to eat for a couple of days so you put it next to the not-so-pink apples in your fruit bowl. You’ll always be feeling great because shopping with Real Food Grocer makes a Real Difference.

You Save 497 single use bags every year.

Every single customer who shops with us saves approximately 497 single use plastic bags from being used and ending up in landfill. Not only do we deliver your goodies in a cardboard box – we bag anything we need to in paper so it can be reused and recycled.


This is how much forest we save every year by refusing to sell unsustainable palm oil. We can save more if more people shop with us.

You Save 100KG Co2

Every single customer who shops with us saves 100kg in carbon emissions by not going to the shops and eating produce that would otherwise degrade in landfill.

The quality of our fruit is like the plums off the tree in your grandmas yard.

If your grandma was a farmer.

Guaranteed Fresh but often a little on the ugly side. Your delivery will contain produce that looks home grown and tastes amazing.

It’s easy to feel great about the food you eat.When your delivery arrives you pop a blueberry in your mouth on the way to the fridge. It’s a cracking good feeling knowing there’s no unnecessary packaging in your delivery and that all your goodies are grown in Australia. The food tastes better when someone else has done the shopping for you and ordering online is just a few clicks to set up an automatic delivery.

Then – being able to tweak the delivery each week makes the super seasonal menu super practical. You can skip your deliveries when you go on holidays, or when the fridge is full (or the bank empty). You can also easily switch between weekly or fortnightly deliveries.Not having to wait all day for a delivery man is awesome too – you get an SMS with a time-slot for delivery before hand and will deliver into your eski or porch if you aren’t home.If you need an extra carton of eggs or packet of pasta or your kids are eating ALL of the bananas you can add extras (or remove them) at anytime before your regular payment runs.

Did you know up to 40% of fresh food grown in Australia is rejected by the supermarkets for being too ugly?And this food ends up in landfill!!!

You can help combat this trend and make a real difference by choosing to support ugly, fresh food. Grown in the dirt. Seasonal and flavourful. You’ll love the crunch of a good spotty apple and the full flavour of a banana that’s been stored correctly. We also love to include unusual varieties to inspire you in the kitchen.

Your delivery is in our families hands – until it reaches yours.

Real Food Grocer is a tiny team of five. We’ve been working together for nearly 7 years bringing fresh, common sense grocery delivery to the suburbs of Melbourne.Nelle and Scott are the Owners and Mangers of Real Food Grocer.

RFG is Nelle’s baby; Nelle believes in two really important things, that businesses should operate in an ethical way that improves society and that food should taste amazing. It is these 2 beliefs that Nelle has imparted into RFG. It was Nelle’s anger at larger business, who did not share either of these 2 beliefs, that lead to her creating Real Food Grocer.Nelle’s day to day jobs at RFG including talking to farmers and buying stock and making sure the business runs smoothly. If our delivery van breaks down, Nelle is on the phone to a rental place and SMSing customers straight away.Scott shares Nelle’s beliefs in good food with ethics. Shortly after RFG started Scott went palm oil free at home and pretty soon this became a core RFG policy.Scott does a lot of different jobs, helping out where needed. He’s most often found delivering orders and helping with customer service.

Scott is a vegetarian and includes a lot of mushrooms in his diet, because mushrooms are awesome. Nelle just loves mushrooms, if mash potato wasn’t so amazing mushrooms would be her favourite vegetable. So when Scott and Nelle moved in together, they realised they had a slight mushroom issue.Nelle started to do some research on Mushrooms, specifically about farming them. This broadened into fruit and veg farming and a few months later ended up as a business idea. Scott was skeptical at first, but when Nelle explained the idea in full and how we could make a difference to farmers by purchasing ugly stock, he was on board.Pretty soon Nelle and Scott started a small business delivering fruit and veg one day a week, mostly to our friends and family. That business has now grown into Real Food Grocer; it has added some pretty important ethical stances around things like palm oil and packaging, but at its core it is still helping farmers by selling their ugly stock and delivering fruit and vegetables (and bread, meat, milk and all sorts of groceries) to Scott and Nelle’s friends and family.

Kate is our grocery concierge. We’re really proud to be able to offer the kind of personal service Kate facilitates. Kate provides personalised customer service that goes the extra distance.Kate’s passion for good food is key to this business. She’s got a recipe for almost every ingredient.

Liam manages our warehouse. Nelle’s younger brother.Liam is the force that powers RFG, he ensure that we always have enough stock for our orders, that the orders get packed, that the place is clean and that all the little things that make RFG work fall in place seamlessly. Liam utalises his endless wit and great sense of humour to help keep everybody in high sprits.Jon helps with packing and delivering. He’s Kate’s spouse and fits beautifully into our little family. Jon has amazing speed and accuracy when he packs orders. He has a vast knowledge of vegetables and an offbeat and quirky sense of humour that is very well received during a break.Your delivery day is chosen from the available options for your postcode at check out. The time you can expect your order may change from week to week.Each week after orders close we will SMS your estimated delivery time. We suggest that if you wont be available to accept your order that you leave an eski for it – especially in warmer weather.

Your Real Food Grocer delivery is abundant, customisable and so easy!

Amazingly Abundant

You wont believe the savings! (our mixed boxes are 30-50% better value than supermarket pricing)

Fully Customisable

Our menu is choc-full of the seasonal best buys – but you can switch any item for another one of equal value.

Convenient Delivery!

Right to your door every week that you want it – so easy to skip when the cupboards are already chokkas!

Prevent Food Waste

Our Farmers Grade ugly but tasty produce is all about preventing fresh food in landfill.

Get Better Groceries Delivered Weekly

Make your grocery shopping an act of goodness.

Your account is FREE and we don't charge you for your order until a day or so before your delivery.