About Us – Our Story

Scott & Nelle – Business Owners

The evolution of Real Food Grocer from small beginnings has shaped who we are today. We started the business wanting to eat better for less, along the way we have incorporated more wants and needs into our business. We pride ourselves on the changes we have made within our business and within the industry to make real change within our own lives and the lives of our customers and for the environment. A little more about our evolution…

Scott and Nelle met in 2009 and instantly knew there was something there. Sadly prior to meeting the beautiful Nelle, Scott had booked a trip to travel the hippy trail (Kathmandu to London overland), so they thought this would be a case of right person wrong timing, they stayed in touch and it didn’t take Scott long to realise he made an error and return home, they have seldom been seen apart since. This is where their story began.

Some time had passed and it got to about 2011. Scott and Nelle had been living together for a little while now, they were personal trainers and knew as much as they could about strengthening and fuelling their bodies. The pair made many trips to the supermarkets to get their food, fuelling Scott, a giant vegetarian who worked out twice a day proved to be hard work. They quickly realised the big supermarkets were not the best places to gather the stock they needed to fill their pantry with.

The loving couple began to make trips to small markets, big markets, greengrocers anywhere they could think of that could replace their supermarkets. For a little while, they thought this was the best they could do, although it was never quite what they wanted or convenient enough.

Nelle began to buy items in bulk and got friends and family involved. Before she knew it she was feeding a small army out of her garage. She would go to the markets, pack orders and deliver them all in her “spare” time. This small garage operation grew very quickly and became almost a full-time job taking over her personal training time. Nelle realised she had a blossoming business on her hands and started contacting local farmers and realised she could support them, reduce food waste and generally do good things for the environment.

Nelle and Scott opened a shop, and still growing they needed help. Nelle hired her kid brother Liam. The extra set of hands allowed Nelle more time to develop the growing business, establishing an eco-friendly and sustainable presence.

Business boomed for the delivery service in a way the shop did not so Nelle and Scott’s dream shifted. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as the delivery service was a much more effective tool for reducing food waste, plastic packaging, and helping local farmers.

Flash forward to 2020. The pandemic came out of nowhere as did the growth of the business. Scott and Nelle had to manage a business that almost tripled in size overnight! They needed more hands to help carry their business. They called in more family and friends to assist in packing boxes and delivering the orders to their valued customers.

Never imagining their business would be more than the dynamic duo and Liam the pair felt blessed. New staff members were hired, and Scott and Nelle had the privilege of watching their business grow.

Their team is a close-knit group of people, each of us, packer, customer service team member, etc, we all play an essential part in keeping Scott and Nelle’s dream alive and rolling! As do our customers!

Thank you to all our wonderful Staff Members, Customers, Farmers, Suppliers, past, present, or future, and Anybody who has helped keep our little business making a difference.