At RFG our mission has always been to leave this world a better planet than we found it. We take being greengrocers as an important responsibility and we understand the impact our choices have on the food supply chain. Here are some of the ways we want to make a difference.

Saving over 15k cartons from landfill each year by reusing packaging.

Illegally lit peatland fires in Borneo account for 25% of global sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Fires are used to clear the land for palm oil plantations because it is cheaper than bulldozing.


The approximate number of single-use bags we kept out of circulation last year – not including the ones they put your bananas in.


2.26 million TONNES of food is wasted and sent to landfill by primary production (farming and the food manufacturing industry) in Australia each year. Much of this waste is edible “ugly” produce.

Our potential to change the earth’s future is unlimited. If we work together to solve the problems that stand in our way.

This is why Real Food Grocer is dedicated to reducing waste:
– In Your Home
– In Our Warehouse
– In the Supply Chain

So much of our packaging is able to be returned and reused. That didn’t happen by accident – check out some of the choices we’ve made to reduce the footprint of our packaging.

At Real Food Grocer, we refuse to work with palm oil in any form, and by doing so we save 600M2 of forest every year. So, by shopping with us for your groceries, you’re doing your part to help our planet. Because palm oil can be found in almost everything, including around 50% of products on supermarket shelves, it’s a challenging task. Plus, there is no labeling regulation that requires a declaration of palm oil in a product so we have to work extra hard to keep RFG free from it, but it’s worth it.

Unethical labour practices are endemic in the food industry – especially in key products like chocolate, coffee & tea.

We don’t think that anyone should be hurt so we can have a cheaper bit of choky – so we check that all products we sell have a transparent supply chain free from slave labour and child labour.

100% Australian-grown fresh produce is one of our oldest core values. With a preference for local farmers close to ourselves and our customers.

Why? – food miles, freshness and transparent labour laws are a few of the reasons. Besides – who better to support than your local farmers?

You’ll never find a caged egg in our store. Or a product that’s been tested on animals. It’s the very least we can do.