One Pan Pork Sausage Roast



Pork Sausages
Baby Fennel
Ground Cumin
Black Pepper
Red Capsicum
Brown Onion
Chicken or Vegetable Stock
Olive OIl
Baby Chat Potatoes





Pop the sausages and a sploosh of oil into a roasting pan and straight into a pre-heated moderate oven for ten minutes.
While your sausages get started combine a healthy tablespoon of ground cumin with about the same volume of olive oil. Slice your baby fennel and coat in this mixture.

COver your sausages in your baby fennel & cumin mix, and pop back in the oven for 10 minutes.

Halve your baby chat potatoes, cut your capsicum and onion into chunky bits. Add these to the roasting pan and splash in some stock. Just enough to fill the pan about 1cm up the sides.

Pop the roasting pan back in for a further 15 minutes – or until all your veggies are tender and your snags are done. Serve hot – a bed of spiced couscous or freekah can be a nice accompaniment here.



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