No Slavery.

21 million people are victims of forced labour – which is slavery.

Slavery is estimated to generation $150 BILLION US dollars a year. 

In the worlds poorest countries 1 in 4 children are slaves.

In Australia we have labour laws to prevent child labour and forced, or underpaid labour. Until this is the global reality some products that are sold in Australia will come with an ethical price.

In food and groceries there are some products that are more likely to be made or harvested by slaves than others. These include:

  • chocolate/cocoa
  • coffee
  • tea
  • rice
  • sugar
  • palm oil

And so much more – check out your slavery footprint here.


Real Food Grocer is committed to examining our supply chain, including the source of ingredients for pre-made items and ensuring that we do not sell the products of slavery.

As part of this commitment, we check all brands and products for reports of slavery when they are new to our store – and audit our store twice a year to check that nothing has changed.

We consider it a basic responsibility for companies to check and prove that their ingredients are not made using forced or child labour. We prefer companies that make a commitment or policy statement with regards to labour practices and we do not support companies with any labour concerns.

We want our customers to feel good when they shop with us – and know that every item we deliver has already been screened for slavery, so when you are enjoying a meal, you know you’re also making the world a better place.

Real Food Grocers ethics are so important to us.

We’d like to share them with you