Why should you be shopping with Real Food Grocer? I mean there’s LOADS of reasons….

Here are my top 5 reasons you should

do your grocery shopping with Real Food Grocer

1. We’re (almost) plastic free produce.

When it comes to packaging, the Real Food Grocer team is proud to be as close as possible to plastic-free*. Every single customer who shops with Real Food Grocer saves approximately 497 single-use plastic bags from ending up in landfill. Not only do we deliver your goodies in a reusable cardboard box, but we also bag in paper and provide glass jars for our bulk items. These can be used time and time again.

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*Some punnet-ed items still come in plastic, though we are always looking to improve this area. Cut items are wrapped in plastic wrap due to food safety laws. Anything that comes with a plastic wrap is marked as such in the product description on the website..

2. We don’t reject the ugly fruit

At Real Food Grocer, we not only accept but advocate for ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables. These are fruit and vegetables that are blemished and not perfectly shaped but remain perfectly delicious and nutritious. It came to our attention that the greenhouse gases produced by food waste in Australian landfill each year is equivalent to the emissions of Australia’s steel and iron ore industries combined and that 25% of food waste never even leaves the farm.

We can change much of this by dropping our aesthetic standards. For example, simply by switching to ‘ugly’ apples’ we have a chance to impact 250,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases, just in Melbourne

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Ugly doesn’t mean “bad” and you know our
uglies are fresh because we Guarantee It >>

3. We knock out the “tax” on ethical shopping

One of our core values is value for money. This is because we believe doing the right thing should be accessible to everyone.
Sick of paying the highest price per kilo to get your produce without the plastic?

All our prices are competitive but where we REALLY smash the big two out of the park is the value offered by our grocers choice boxes

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4. We help you make better choices

Our policies are designed to help you make the best choices. We don’t sell palm oil. Or any product that has slave labour in it’s supply chain.

We also swap plastic bags for paper when it comes to our pasta & rice and have some no nasties cleaners in our refillable glass jars.

Making the right choices is easy when you do all your sopping with us.

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Check out a comparison of our refill program
& what’s on offer at the big supermarkets >>

5. We make being ethical easy

Home delivery. Flexible recurring orders (skip, cancel edit at an time). An ever growing selection of vegetarian & vegan groceries.

We aim to save you the 2 hours a week you would normally spend at a grocery store. It should be EASY to shop in the most ethical way possible…thats our aim.