Milky Ethics

In 2016 two of Australia’s largest milk processors retrospectively lowered the price they would pay dairy farmers for their raw milk.  In addition to this retrospective price drop they set the new season prices at a record (unsustainable) level.  The large major milk processes blame a collapse in export dairy prices for this backflip.

Selling milk solids and products at high prices on the internationally market is arguably what has kept milk on Australian supermarket shelves at record low prices.  However, the processes dependency on the volatile international market puts our dairy farmers at risk.  Cheap milk sounds great but if milk processors export predictions fall short everyone suffers.


Real Food Grocer wishes to cut out the middle man and pay dairy farmers the fair price they deserve for the milk they produce without relying on an unstable international market.

At Real Food Grocer we take our ethical stand on our products seriously.  Each and every one of our products goes through an ethical evaluation before we commit to working with a supplier and distributing their product to our customers.

One of our major ethical concerns is that we protect our food chain while still providing an affordable and environmentally conscious product as possible in that industry.  A major concern of the milk supply chain is that the hard-working dairy farmers are paid a fair price for their product. $1 milk is not sustainable for Australian dairy farmers.  If the farmers are not paid a fair price the entire chain suffers, including the cows.

“We think we might have the happiest and most content dairy cows in the country. All aspects of their health and welfare are carefully monitored to ensure we produce milk of the highest quality in a sustainable manner.”

This is where our relationship with Jonesy’s milk began.

We are happy to be contributing to a better future for dairy in Australia and to ensure we are not contributing to systems that are damaging to the environment.  Fair prices for products result in better sustainable kinder processes and systems.

 “At Jonesys Dairy Fresh we want to make sure the farmer gets a fair price for his milk and consumers get a great tasting product at a good price.

That way, not only are you getting a great product, Australian dairy farmers are getting a fair go.

Real Food Grocers ethics are so important to us.

We’d like to share them with you