How It Works

  • Step 1: Update Your List
    Every Friday we update our store, box menus & specials and you have from then until orders close for your area to update your shopping list with all the items you need delivered that week.

Step 2: We Pack Your Box
We harvest, bake & order all your goodies fresh. It’s a race against the clock to get all the goodies in time but waiting til all our orders are locked in keeps food waste super low.

Step 3: Eat Better Groceries
Really relish your fresh produce and tasty groceries knowing they come in minimal plastic, and are palm oil and slave labour free! Plus all our goodies are covered by a freshness guarantee so if something isn’t quite right you are covered.

  • Our Impact and Yours : The Environment, Sustainability & RFG
    At Real Food Grocer, we do what we do for a reason. Our purpose is hard to describe in a few words, but it involves making the greatest positive impact on our clients’ lives – with the least possible harm to the environment. To unpack RFG’s purpose further, today’s blog details some of the steps we take to deliver on our promise – to ourselves, and …

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  • Making the Most of your RFG Delivery
    So, you’ve received your very first Real Food Grocer box – hooray! Now what to do with all that goodness? In today’s Real Food Grocer blog, our team make a few recommendations to ensuring your box goes the distance, works to your schedule, keeps fresh and allows you the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Read on! Unboxing. First up, get prepared. Seek out any …

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  • Real Food Grocer – Referral Program
    Share Real Food Grocer Freshness with those you love We love how loyal our customers are. So many of you have been using our service for years and years. We also love that you take the time to tell your friends and family about the work we do – that’s so important to us! Because you sharing our service is so very awesome – we reward …

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    We hope that every order we deliver to your door looks delicious to you! Our aim is to be more than just a convenience. Getting deliveries from us should make you happy. If something goes wrong we want you to be confident we will fix it. We also know, that because we deliver a natural product; at some point over the course of our (hopefully very …


    There are few things better than the sight of an overflowing fruit bowl or the feeling of a fresh-produce packed pantry – especially when the goods have been delivered straight to your door! At the Real Food Grocer, our mission is share this simple pleasure with the entire population… and we aim to begin today! In this RFG blog we break down the process of placing your first order with us. Let’s get these fresh, healthy treats delivered to your door, stat!