How It Works

  • Step 1: Create an account
    Create an account, enter your delivery details, any instructions you might have and your payment details. We won’t charge your credit card until 10am on your payment day and we’ll send you an SMS reminder before we do.

Step 2: Create or Update Your Shopping List
Each Friday we update the box menus, specials and availability of lines (things go in and out of season regularly). You just have to add any items you want to your shopping list or if you have a regular order make any changes you need for this week. You have until 10am on your payment day to update things.

Step 3: Eat Better Groceries
Once payment is processed and your order closed, we’ll pack it, send you a delivery ETA SMS, and drop it off at your door. All you have to do is eat it. Click here to see your delivery day.

  • We’re Going Vegetarian
    While the pandemic has certainly been center stage for some time in the media, with our policymakers, and around the dinner table Real Food Grocer has taken some time to do some serious business soul searching. It is well known that the farming, processing, packaging, and transportation of meat, contributes to some serious environmental issues.  At Real Food Grocer, we have always promoted an inclusive product …

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  • Real Food Grocer Packaging
    Real Food Grocer Boxes We choose to spend a bit more on our boxes so that they can handle refrigerated transportation, and reuse. Cardboard is the perfect breathable transportation for fresh produce so we use a combination of our branded boxes and reused cartons from our supply chain. Once the boxes have reached the end of their lifecycle with us we recycle them so the raw …

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  • Our Impact and Yours: The Environment, Sustainability & RFG
    At Real Food Grocer, we do what we do for a reason. Our purpose is hard to describe in a few words, but it involves making the greatest positive impact on our customers’ lives – with the least possible harm to the environment. To unpack RFG’s purpose further, this article details some of the steps we take to deliver on our promise – to ourselves, and …

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  • Making the Most of your RFG Delivery
    So, you’ve received your very first Real Food Grocer box – hooray! Now what to do with all that goodness? In today’s Real Food Grocer blog, our team make a few recommendations to ensuring your box goes the distance, works to your schedule, keeps fresh and allows you the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Read on! Unboxing. First up, get prepared. Seek out any …

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  • Real Food Grocer – Referral Program
    Share Real Food Grocer Freshness with those you love We love how loyal our customers are. So many of you have been using our service for years and years. We also love that you take the time to tell your friends and family about the work we do – that’s so important to us! Because you sharing our service is so very awesome – we reward …

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