Herbacious Scrambled Eggs


Cherry Tomatoes
Flat Parsley
Cracked Pepper
Spring Onions
Brown Onion
Olive OIl

Serve With:

Farmers Rye Bread (for toast)




This is my super-fast life saver dinner recipe. It takes not even ten minutes, is really tasty and satisfying and gets you loads of nourishment.

Heat a sploosh of olive oil in a pan, toss in some diced brown onion and a full punnet of cherry tomatoes. Let the tomatoes blister and the onions become translucent before you add the next thing.

While those saute beat the eggs with some milk and roughly chop your parsley and spring onion. You should have at least a full sized bunch of herbs for two people worth of the greens. Let your hunger decide how many eggs.

Next pop your whipped eggs in the fry pan and begin to scramble them. Add the herbs just as the eggs start to solidify.

Add generous amounts of cracked pepper.

Serve on thick cut toast.



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