We've Improved our Customer Service

Instead of getting help here on the help page – you now have your own private concierge following you on every page of our website.

This little red widget is your gateway to FAQ’s, instructional videos and real people who are waiting just a couple of clicks away to help you out.

You can see it in the bottom right corner of this screenshot – and the real thing is at the bottom right of your screen.

The Articles, Videos and Tips available in your Concierge Widget are being updated all the time – we turn all your inquiries into better help for next time – for you and our other customers.

That way we can respond lightening fast when there’s no article to help and we think you’ll love the new way things work.

Now You Can Track Your Requests

When you’re logged in you can choose the Service Centre from the cog Menu.

This will show you your requests & emails, how they are progressing and any notes from us all in the one place. There’s even a spot for you to open a new query right there in your account.