Garlic Fried Paneer

For those that don’t know, Paneer is a Indian Style Cottage Cheese, its firm and is ideal for cooking.


This dish will suit those who like that Greek fried cheese dish – Saganaki and essentially all we’re doing is substituting Halomi for Paneer and changing lemon for some Indian spices. So we’re taking something delicious and making it a different kind of delicious.


This dish is really simple, and makes a great party dish with toothpicks, and is easy, making it the ideal dish for somebody who doesn’t cook a lot and wants to impress a partner (or potential partner).


You’ll need: 250g of Village Paneer, 3 tablespoon natural yoghurt, 4 cloves Garlic, a small piece Ginger, 1-3 Chili (optional, depending on desired spice level), Pepper, Salt, Spices (You’ll need ½ of a teaspoon of Ground Cumin, and ¼ teaspoon of Ground Coriander Seeds, Paprika, ground cardamom, ground cinnamon and ground cloves).


  1. Cut Paneer into bite sized pieces, then prick the paneer all over with a folk.
  2. Using a Mortar and Pestle, crush Garlic, Ginger and Chili into a paste. Add yoghurt, salt and pepper and all spices.
  3. Marinate Paneer in Yoghurt Mixture for about 15 minutes; if you forget and they marinate for longer, it’s not a bad thing.
  4. Use a small pan, melt some butter on a low heat and fry paneer until it browns up.


Serve as is or with some mango chutney if you want to look all fancy.

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