Freshness Guarantee

Our aim is to be more than just a convenience. Getting deliveries from us should make you happy. If something goes wrong we want you to be confident we will fix it.

That’s why we guarantee all of our products.

Anything packaged will come to you intact and with reasonable time before the used by date for you to get the most out of your order and the fresh fruit and veg should be, well; fresh.

It is our responsibility to ensure you get the best at every stage of the process – From selection of the best tasting seasonal produce – To how we pack and transport these goodies are all important to ensure you get long life and great flavour when they arrive on your doorstep.

What Does a Guarantee really mean

A guarantee from Real Food Grocer means that we’ll credit or replace the problem item(s). Every time.

All we ask is that you send us a photo of the unsatisfactory item(s) to our email address ( before the Monday following your order.

– Photos are for training not for “proof” and there are a number of reasons things might go wrong. We always do our best to identify the cause of the problem so we can prevent it from happening again –

We hope you’ll be patient with us if we have a few questions.

We deliver you ugly produce so that you can make beautiful changes to the world.

At Real Food Grocer we do not have the same uniformed standards as the big supermarkets. Our selection criteria is unique in that we hand select farmers grade produce prioritising taste, longevity, and affordability.  Our criteria demonstrates that we acknowledge our customers belief in fair wages for all, reduced food waste and package, and their household nutrition more than the aesthetics of their food.  We are passionate about our supply chain because you deserve to know where your food comes from and what impact your spending choices have on the world.