Freekah Stuffed Butternut Pumpkin


1 Butternut Pumpkin

Spring of fresh thyme

1 cup of freekah

1 carrot

1 red onion

2 red capsicum

2 shallots

1 zucchini

1 lemon

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Fresh mint and parsley sprinkle





Cut pumpkin in halved and deseeded, roast first for 30 mins.  I season my pumpkin with a sprinkle of olive oil, salt, pepper, and leaves from a sprigs worth of thyme leaves.

While your pumpkin is roasting prepare your vegetables into pieces that befit a stuffing but not too small that they will be cremated when you add them in with the pumpkin.  Once the pumpkin has roasted for 30 mins pop the veg in with the pumpkin and roast for a further 30 mins.

Prepare your freekah and vegetables.  I cook my freekah in stock, double water for freekah so 2 cups of water for this cup and put it in the microwave uncovered for 14 minutes.  Then cover it up and let it sit for a further 10 mins.

Once everything is roasted leave the pumpkin to cool.  Tip you roast veg into your cooked freekah and toss together adding a squeeze of lemon, pepper, salt, and a sprinkle of chopped mint and parsley.

Once the pumpkin is cool dice and scoop out flesh and add that into the vegetable freekah mix.  Stuff your empty butternuts with your stuffing mixture and you are done.  ENJOY!



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