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Your SHOPPING LIST gives you all the freedom and flexibility of a cart while offering the option to set and forget if that suits you better.

Would you like to purchase a product or multiple products as a once off?  No worries select the ‘just this week’ option when you set up your SHOPPING LIST. Once you have created your first ‘just this week’ shopping list you can go through the shop as usual and add the items you wish to your shopping list.

No need to go searching for your credit card, your information is encrypted within your unique account and once a week (on your cut off day) we will charge you for the items you have added in your ‘just this week’ SHOPPING LIST. Once we have charged you the ‘just this week’ SHOPPING LIST becomes inactive until the next time you wish to get items for just that week.

Three easy steps…. You pick, We process payment, We deliver.

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